Marketing Whoop represents some of the country’s leading digital influencers and creative talent. These are the people that drive trends, create conversations, and lead the way in creative innovation. Hand-selected for their unique talent and exceptional content quality, Marketing Whoop influencers and creatives are leaders in their respective niches.
Working strategically with the right influencers can make your brand talked about, wanted, and seen in a whole new light. Marketing Whoop is the place to find your brand’s perfect influencer match.
From bloggers, designers, illustrators, and fitness professionals, to nutritionists, interior design experts, inspirational speakers, social media celebrities, and mini-influencers, Digital influencers are the new media. Their adaptability and relatability are what set them apart. And their impact is instantaneous. Hand selects the very best talent with targeted reach, engagement, and creative flair.
Engage-Connect-Delight-Inspire. It’s all possible with the incredible digital talent line-up that calls Digital influencers are the new media. Their adaptability and relatability are what set them apart. And their impact is instantaneous.home.

Marketing Whoop is a curated collection of some of the world’s most unique and powerful social media influencers. Our structured and track proved management technique provides content creators with the platform they need to focus on what matters most to them: telling their story and taking their career to the next level. Our dedicated management team implements a 360 approach ranging from strategic guidance, long and short-term brand partnership facilitation, product co-creations, events to building talent-owned products and services therein establishing and growing the content creator’s brand.
Whether you are an up and coming content creator or established social media influencer – everybody is unique is why every one of our talents gets individual attention tailored around their needs, interests, and respective career stage.

It’s more than just the numbers

Beyond strong impressions, we look to build brand alliances with the talent to drive sales through affiliation and awareness. Our team lives and breathes the social and understands the delicate balance between traditional advertising and editorial content. We know how to deliver a brand message in a way that is honestly endorsed by the talent.

1.) Casting
We support agencies and brands by pre-vetting social talent who will have the greatest impact on their campaign, narrowing the options for final approval.
2.) Campaign Management
We simplify the process, managing programs start to finish with one point of contact and one consolidated payment. ​​​​​​​We make your life easier.
3.) Content Creation
We know who develops impactful content. Content creation programs allow a brand to utilize a talent’s skills to produce images, copy, and video specifically for their proprietary platforms. Shine manages this process to ensure the talent is hitting deliverables and is aligned on brand strategy.
4.) Media Partnerships
Teaming social campaigns with a traditional media buy or editorial program can be extremely impactful when executed well. Shine helps to ensure the process is integrated and key messages are connected to drive KPIs and make the most of program budgets.
5.) Experiential Events
Event management to maximize social impact. From panel discussions to product launches, Shine offers both consultation and the production capabilities to seamlessly execute large-scaled and intimate events.



  • Marketing Whoop designed a website for me and they met all of my expectations. The site was finished on schedule and exceeded my expectations.
    Bally Gill
    Vision Motivation Change
  • Their remarkable understanding of our business needs helped us to maintain and sustain our business expansion.
    Sam Grewal
    Glamour Villa